4 Simple Stretches That Feel Amazing

Improve your flexibility with just a simple stretch? Yes!

Flexibility is an essential building block for strong, balanced, healthy muscles in and out of the gym because it will help improve your range of motion making exercises more effective and help reduce your chance of injury.

Of course, as with all exercise, consult with your doctor first (particularly if you have a specific injury), and always stop if you feel sharp pain. With that disclaimer, here are four feel-good simple stretches to try -instructions on each can be found on self.com

1. Inchworm — do 5 slow reps

Really focus on the forward fold to release tight hamstrings.

2. Figure 4 — hold for 30 seconds on each side

This simple stretch will help open up your hips and glutes.

3. Reclining Twist — hold for 30 seconds on each side

This twisting move will help with lower back tightness.

4. Child’s Pose — hold for 30 seconds

The key during this simple stretch is to focus on finding length in your arms and spine.

See full story on self.com

Author: Jennifer Ridge

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