6 Easy Ways to Cut Down On Added Sugar

Added sugar is hard to avoid. That’s because, for some inexplicable reason, it’s in everything. Seriously.

So how do you avoid eating too much added sugar – something that’s in hiding in everything, even seemingly healthy foods? First off, you’ll want to try to shop for products that are really open about their sugar content.

These 10 snacks don’t have any added sugar at all and they still taste amazing.

Make ‘nice cream’ instead of ice cream.

Blend frozen sliced bananas with fruits like strawberries to make a naturally sweet (and nutritious) treat.

Get familiar with nutrition labels.

The best ways to reduce added sugar from your diet is to read ingredient labels. This allows you to see if manufacturers are sneaking in any extra added sugars.

Clean out your pantry.

We all have certain foods that trigger out-of-control eating. For me, its cookies. Give me one, and Ill want to eat a dozen.

Measure the sugar you’re putting in your coffee.

Take a minute to actually measure out the sugar that you’re adding to your coffee.

Try using vinegars in place of syrups.

Sometimes a tiny bit of vinegar or salt works better than adding sugar or honey! When you want a more intense sweetness from your fruit, consider splashing it with a bit of vinegar or seasoning it with a sprinkle of salt.

Design your own dessert.

Instead of a big bowl of chocolate ice cream, add a small handful of dark chocolate chips to popcorn and pistachios for a gourmet blend.

Author: Jennifer Ridge

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