6 Stretches to Warm You Up On Cold Mornings


A lot of people believe that any stretching is helpful in some way, but the reality is, the wrong type of stretching can be harmful and actually work against you. When the temperatures drop, our muscles may need a little extra movement to get fully awake. Try these 6 stretches to warm you up – like coffee for your body. Read the full article here.

Foam rolling

It’s like a deep-tissue massage, and the slow rolls help the body to carefully get accustomed to movement. Foam rolling also helps to hydrate muscle tissues, better preparing them to accommodate various movements.

Arm circles

There’s a reason why arm circles are a part of every high school sports team’s warm-up. They’re a quick way to increase circulation, with results that are felt almost immediately.

Butt kicks

 These are sure to get the heart pumping faster and will also start to get the mind in the right place, due to the coordination needed to perform.

Walking lunges

These promote hip flexibility, incorporate the core, and challenge balance.

Downward facing dog to plank

This series of movements has the added benefit of including an inversion, when the head is below the heart, while also lightly bringing motion into the hamstrings without being too intense.

Sun salutations

This flow is probably the best warming exercise of all time—no one can deny the warming effect a few rounds of sun salutations have on the entire body.

Read the full article here.

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Author: Jennifer Ridge

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