61 Fitness Tips to Make 2016 Your Year Of Change

You may have resolved to make this the year you finally start and stick with an exercise program, but you’re fighting an uphill battle, and it’s all too easy to give up after a few weeks. The question is how to turn your determination into action you can sustain for more than 30 days.  No one can do it for you.

(Details on each fitness tip {and the full article} found here!)

61 Fitness Tips to Make 2016 Your Year Of Change

1. Define Your Challenge
2. Make Time For Your Health
3. Discover What You Enjoy
4. Don’t Go It Alone
5. Be Around People Whose Goals Align With Yours
6. Avoid Comparing Yourself To Others
7. Read To Get Motivated And Learn
8. Embrace Physical Challenges Outside Your Comfort Zone
9. Don’t Rush To Self-Judge
10. Enter A 90-Day Transformation Contest
11. Get On A Roll
12. Slow And Steady Wins The Race
13. Rehab Your Injuries
14. Rise, Then Shine
15. Get Off Your Duff At Work
16. Adjust Your Schedule To Minimize Midwinter Blues
17. Skip The Pre-Workout Stretch
18. Skip The Post-Workout Sauna
19. Dine In Restaurants Only Once A Week
20. Try A New Recipe For A “Clean” Meal Once A Week
21. Treat Yourself To A New Kitchen Gadget
22. Try A New Veggie In The Produce Section Of Your Supermarket Each Month

23. Choose Slower-Digesting Carbs Over Fast-Digesting Ones
24. Make A Healthy, Low-Fat Food For Your Next Potluck
25. Stop Buying Halloween Candy You’d Like To Eat Yourself
26. Don’t Give Sweets As Gifts
27. Limit The Damage Of A Late-Night Snack Attack
28. Do Your Monday Workout On Sunday
29. Track Your Workout And Meals With Myfitnesspal And Body Space
30. Realize Big Muscles Doesn’t Equate To Being Fit
31. Wash Your Hands Before Leaving The Gym
32. Get A Heavy Dose Of “Vitamin L”

33. Focus On Form First
34. Use Math To Build Muscle
35. Start With Machines, Beginners
36. Learn The Basic Multijoint Movements
37. Choose The Right Rep Target And Weight
38. Turn Up The VolumeOn Your Sets, Reps, And Load
39. Rest 60-90 Seconds Between Sets
40. Know When To End A Set
41. Follow A Plan
42. Master The Art Of The “Negative”
43. Use An Athletic Stance When Doing Standing Exercises
44. Focus On Building A Balanced Physique, Not Just The Mirror Muscles
45. Start With A Whole-Body Workout
46. Start “Splitting” As You Gain Experience
47. Customize Your Supplement Stack With Proven Winners
48. Gain Knowledge To Lose Weight
49. Find Inspiration That’s Just A Click Away
50. Post Your Selfies Where You’ll See ‘Em
51. Connect With Others Via Social Media
52. Eat Before You Go Shopping
53. Just Say No To Sugary Drinks, Teas, And Sodas
54. Measure Your Desserts In Minutes
55. Log Everything You Eat
56. Know That High-Rep Weight Workouts Aren’t Better For Fat Loss
57. Do High-Intensity Interval Training
58. Use Supplements To Boost Energy And Increase Fat Loss
59. Do Five Things Every Day To Help You Burn More Calories
60. Make A Fitness Date
61. Take A Walking Tour

Author: Jen Adair

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