8 Red Flags To Watch Out For in Salads


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Here are the eight things to keep an eye on when ducking out of work for a lunch salad.

1. Portion sizes can get out of control fast.

A soup and salad is the go-to lunchtime combo, this is what society has taught us. But if your salad is humungous, you don’t actually need to eat it with anything else.

2. Not all greens are created equal.

“Spinach or kale is always going to offer more nutrients than lettuce,” Gorin tells SELF. “Iceberg isn’t bad, but if you have the option, try to get a darker green.”

3. Some taco salads are more like tacos than salads.

They’re often tossed with mix-ins like croutons or tortilla chips and starchy vegetables like corn, in addition to literally being served in a tortilla. It’s quite the calorie- and carb-bomb.

4. Speaking of carbs, choose salads with whole grains over those with croutons.

Opt for those with complex carbohydrates: whole grains like quinoa or brown rice, or starchy, fibrous vegetables like corn or sweet potatoes.

5. Croutons aren’t the only source of crunchy goodness.

“You can get a nice crunch with certain low-calorie [fruits or] veggies,” Gorin tells SELF. “Celery, water chestnuts, and apples are all great options.”

6. In fact, add as many vegetables as you like.

If you wanna go big, go big just stick to the veggies.

7. Dressing can turn an A+ salad into a healthy-food fail.

A lot of dressings are really high in calories. The best move is to order it on the side.

8. There are two major traps in the protein department.

Bacon and breaded fried chicken are the only kinds of protein you’ll want to avoid.

Author: Jen Adair

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