Benefits of HIIT Workouts

High-intensity interval workouts are everywhere these days, and you may be asking yourself, “why, oh why?” as you wipe sweat from your forehead and vow to never leave your bed again. But the answer is simple: HIIT works!

1) You get more bang for your buck

Instead of spending 90-minutes at the gym, cut it down to 30 to 45 minutes of high-intensity interval training.

2) You burn calories long after your workout is done

By performing HIIT workouts, you create an oxygen debt within your body. So even though your workout is over and you’re back to your daily activities, your body is still working to restore the oxygen debt you created in order to bring itself back to its normal levels.

3) It’s more fun

Prevent boredom and maximize your calorie burn, fast-paced HIIT workouts are the way to go.

4) There’s no equipment needed

Seriously. You don’t even need to go to the gym to get an awesome HIIT workout in.

5) You’ll boost your metabolism

Because HIIT workouts are a combination of strength and cardio, you will continue to build lean muscle as you get stronger and challenge yourself more. The more lean muscle you have, the more calories you will burn at rest.

Ready? Try this 10-minute HIIT workout I put together just for you.

Author: Jennifer Ridge

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