7 Exercises You Need to Be Doing for Your Forearms

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Your forearms contain at least twenty different muscles, which get used in pretty much every motion you could possibly perform with your arms.

First off, youve got your digit flexors and extensors.

These, along with your hand muscles, cause your fingers to clench and unclench. Strengthen them, and youll have a stronger grip, which helps immensely with deadlifts and chin-ups.

Similarly, there are some flexors and extensors that control wrist motions. Then weve got the brachioradialis, which, along with the biceps, is used to flex your elbow. Like the bicep, it gets worked when you perform pulling and curling motions and is located up near the elbow on the inside of the forearm.

There are the pronators and supinators, which perform twisting motions; these are spread all over the forearm. And finally, theres the anconeus, a tiny little muscle near the elbow that works with the triceps to extend your elbow. You can more or less ignore this one.

Got all that?

To build big forearms, and more importantly, to build the entire forearm (top, bottom, front, back, and sides), you need to perform a bunch of different motions. You need to grip stuff, curl stuff, pull on stuff, flex your wrists, and rotate your forearms.

The only arm movement pattern that isn’t very important to forearm development is pushing since it only uses the little anconeus muscle.

With all those different movements the forearm is responsible for, it takes a wide variety of exercises to build full, well-rounded forearms.

For optimal forearm development, you need to be doing each of the following at least once a week:
Arm curling motions
Wrist curling motions
Forearm rotation
Pulling motions
Static gripping exercises

We all want big biceps and triceps, myself included, but a well-rounded pair of arms is a stronger, sexier pair of arms. Your arms aren’t complete without focussing on your forearms, so incorporate these exercises into your next workout. Your significant other will thank you for it later.

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Author: Jen Adair

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