Your HIIT Workout, Your Way!

HIIT Workouts, or high intensity interval workouts, are one of the most effective ways to burn fat and get in shape! This workout can be done once for a quick 10 minute workout, or repeated two or three times to really kick it up a notch.

Change the interval length depending on your fitness level – 40 seconds all out with a 20 second rest for each exercise for those who may just be beginning or want a less intense workout. Adjust the interval periods for your skill level and workout goals.

The intervals are:

  • Jumping Jacks (standard jumping jacks)
  • Butt Kicks (jog and kick your heels up so that they hit your booty)
  • Knee Ups (jog and lift those knees as high as you can!)
  • Diagonal Knee -Left (Stand with your left leg out to the side and slightly behind you. Bring knee up and across your body while moving your arms up from the right down toward your left knee. Do as many as you can!)
  • Diagonal Knee – Right (Same as above, other leg)
  • Lunge Jumps (Stand in a lunge. Jump and switch legs in mid air. Repeat.)
  • Squat Jumps – (Stand in a squat. Jump and land in a squat. Keep going.)
  • Jog
  • Globe Jumps (Get in a squat position. Jump to the right, landing in a squat. Now jump back, landing in a squat. Jump to the left, landing in a squat. Jump to the front, landing in a squat. Repeat!)

Make sure to walk around a bit and get your breathing under control. It’s always good to stretch a little after a workout and recover! Good luck!


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Author: Jen Adair

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