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I’m sick of cooking. Scratch that. I’m sick of coming up with ideas of what to cook. My idea bank is completely drained. I decided to try as many meal services as I could, as long as I had a discount code and they offered healthy options. I found about 10 that fit the bill!

The first one I tried was Home Chef. I had a $30 discount code, which made 3 meals for 2 people around $30. The menu consisted of:

  • Chicken Milanesa with lemon aioli and spinach-almond salad
  • Chicken with Mushroom Gravy and garlic green beans
  • Pesto-Butter Steak with cacio e pepe orzo

First of all, the delivery came promptly and perfectly packed. Every meal was in it’s own package and clearly labeled. I wish I’d thought to take pics, but the idea to write about these didn’t come until after I tried meal service #3! Anyway, the directions were easy to follow and I was impressed with how detailed they were.

Every meal involved the oven and aluminum foil, so make sure you have access to both before your meal arrives. I know that sounds weird, but I know people who don’t have working ovens and only use toaster ovens. That probably won’t work for these meals.

Let me show you how detailed these recipes are:

You’ll notice that nutritional info is provided and the calories for this meal seem a bit high. Rest assured that are all NOT this high, and that you can pick other meals that fall within your nutritional goals. I cheated a bit and didn’t use all the oil or all the mayonnaise, and the meal still turned out delicious!

All in all, I was really impressed with this service and for 3 dinners, $30 was a good deal. I really liked the fact that I only had what I needed – no groceries were wasted. I’m not sure if $60 would be worth it, though. I’m still researching other services.

Pics of the other meals:





Author: Jen Adair

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