LipSense – What’s All The Fuss?


Of course the ever fashionable Elizabeth Taylor said it correctly, the right lipstick can be just the thing to turn your day around (and a good drink does not hurt either). Enter in LipSense!


LipSense is the premier product of SeneGence International and is a long wear (4-18 hour) lip color that is water proof, does not smear, smudge, or kiss off. Just imagine being able to put your lipstick on in the morning and not think about it again because you know it will stay beautiful. You can eat, drink, kiss your children and honey all day and your lips will stay perfect.

What Are the Best Colors?

LipSense comes in over 70 shades and multiple moisturizing glosses to keep your lips not only beautiful but also hydrated and soft. It is extremely hard to name my all time favorites because I love so many but my current three favorite colors are Razzberry, Berry and BRuby. Along with my three favorite glosses, glossy glossy, sand and bougainvillea. Our colors can be worn individually or layered to create your own. I love experimenting with new color combinations, especially with fall nearing. One color combo great for fall is Berry, Purple Reign and BRuby topped with any gloss you choose.

{Note: Jen uses Caramel Lattè and LOVES it!}

Why Is It Different?

All of SeneGence’s products are botanically based, vegan, non GMO, wax and lead free. These are products you need to see to believe. SeneGence is experiencing huge growth this year as thousands of women are discovering these incredible products and are feeling beautiful again. Visit my website to see what all the fuss is about.


Author: Jen Adair

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