Mini Journal: Me and Chiari Day 2

So, today is my 41st birthday and all I want is this headache I’ve had for the past two weeks to go away. I’m so over it. I’ve tried meds, massage, chiropractor…nothing helps. I’m almost starting to think that I have a virus in my head.

That’s one of the weird things about Chiari. I don’t know if I’m actually sick with a headache, or if this is really a brain thing that is causing me pain. It drives me crazy, because I’m not a hypochondriac and try not to complain about feeling bad. Sometimes the pressure and pain gets so bad that it affects the way I react and respond to my kids, husband, and friends and that’s not cool with me.

Although I am really nervous about this having the surgery, I’m also very hopeful that I won’t have weeks where I am in pain. Trying to function normally takes all the energy I have during those weeks and makes me a very dull person to be around. Just ask my family! Ha!

Anyway, it was an awesome birthday besides that and I am beyond blessed to have the family that I do. I’m getting my house painted and love it so far! Here are some pics:


Bye, Bye boring gray walls and stained doors! Hello sparkling white walls and blue doors!







Stay tuned! I promise they all won’t be downers. It was just a bad couple of weeks, not a bad life!



Author: Jen Adair

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