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In order to really challenge the glutes and force them to become more than just a backseat driver, your workout needs to include a mix of movements that come at this giant muscle group from multiple angles. You need strength work that hits every part of your lower body, followed by isolation work to hammer the neglected glute muscles with a crazy pump.

Lucky for you, four-time IFBB Figure Olympia champion Nicole Wilkins has exactly the workout you need. It’s an all-around lower-body burner that will run your booty through the fire and forge it into something hotter and stronger than ever. Here’s what you need to know to build the booty of your dreams.

Not everyone can handle as much volume as Wilkins, so dial back the workload as necessary. If you structure your workout right, you can still give your lower body the same level of muscular stimulation.

How? Simple: Pay attention to your rest periods by watching the clock. “This workout is intense, so be sure to keep moving,” says Wilkins. “Your rest periods after each superset should be about 30-45 seconds—no longer.”

You can use the clock in the gym, your phone, or even click an old-school stopwatch, but use something. Stay strict!

Just because your rest periods feel rushed doesn’t mean your sets should. Slow down the lowering portions of movements like squats and lunges, even if it means you have to dial back the weight.

“Form is number one,” states Wilkins. “You want to focus on doing slow and controlled movements at all times to ensure optimal results—never rush through the movement.” To be clear: Yes, it’ll burn like crazy, but that’s all part of the plan.

“When performing lunges and squats, you want to go slightly lower than parallel to fully engage the glutes,” says Wilkins. Don’t rob yourself of maximum results because you cheated on the full range of motion. That’s when your quads will sneak in and steal your glutes’ rightful gains!

Author: Jen Adair

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