Rice and Beans and Other Weight Loss Food Combinations


Some foods just naturally work well together and combining them can make a dish more than just the sum of its ingredients. Who’s up for some…fish and green bananas? What are the best weight loss food combinations?

For the Nutrition Journal study, women of various weights ate a breakfast with pancakes that were either:

  • plain
  • made with protein powder
  • made with powdered resistant starch (the kind that’s in green bananas, plantains, cooked-and-cooled rice and beans, and cold potatoes)
  • made with both protein and resistant starch

The women who ate the starch/protein combo pancakes had much higher levels of a satiety hormone and burned more fat afterward than the women in any of the other groups.

“We saw as much as 30 percent greater fat burning with the combo compared to other pancake meals,” says Paul Arciero, D.P.E. (doctor of physiology of exercise), lead author and director of the Human Nutrition andMetabolism Laboratory at Skidmore College.

How does this work?

Resistant starch is relatively new on the scene. Resistant starch is harder to digest in the body, filling you up without adding lots of extra calories, similar to the way produce and whole grains do. Put protein with it and you have a powerful tool for weight loss, says Arciero.

Try chicken and cold potato salad, or a simple bowl of cooled rice and beans. Need more ideas? Arciero has compiled his favorite recipes using this power pair (including cookies!) in his GenioFit nutrition/fitness app on iTunes and cookbook.

See the full story here.

Author: Jennifer Ridge

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