What Are Athletic Greens?


Ok. I was skeptical of this. How would Athletic Greens {affiliate link} work? Would I really feel better? Would I really have more energy? Is this really worth it?

The answer, after a week of doing this, is YES. I do feel better. I do have more energy. I feel like I’m mentally functioning better – which, if you know me, is a great thing.

The first question I had was: How is this stuff going to taste?

Well, it doesn’t taste like pizza (like I hoped!) but it’s not bad, either. It tastes like a fresh, green juice. You will not be gulping this stuff like beer or orange juice (or whatever your preference), but it’s pretty pleasant.

The second question I had was: What’s in it?

There are over 75 whole food ingredients in this! There are so many, I decided to just take a picture of the bag!


So, what do you do?

It’s so easy! Get a scoop of Athletic Greens


and then add water and drink!


That’s it!

Some days I don’t get as many veggies as I need, and this definitely fills that gap. This is a drink that is a true nutritional powerhouse. Try it! There’s a 60 day money back guarantee!


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Author: Jen Adair

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