What is Calisthenics and How Do I Start



We are living in a genuine fitness revolution where everyone seems decided to eat better, train daily, and become healthier versions of themselves. Unfortunately, most of the fitness advice out there isn’t practical enough for your everyday Joe.

Most people have responsibilities, budgets, and tight schedules – and that means that joining a gym isn’t always a possibility. Unfortunately, people believe that without joining a gym, all their fitness goals become out of their reach.

Hogwash. Calisthenics does a remarkable job. Heard of it?

Understanding Calisthenics

In very simple terms, calisthenics is a discipline based on bodyweight training. All workouts consist of exercises that use our own body weight – so NO equipment. And no equipment means you can do this anywhere! Bodyweight exercises can easily focus on overall strength, flexibility, and speed. If you aren’t looking to pack a few dozen pounds of muscle and lift three times your weight in iron, calisthenics can do the job.

The Key Benefits

There are three key benefits to understanding why calisthenics is so popular these days. These factors are considered by top-class performers that use calisthenics on daily basis, including US Navy Seals.


You don’t need any equipment to start working out. This means that you can get fit everywhere, anywhere. Zero investments are required to kickstart your training and you can do it even during business trips – twenty minutes and a hotel room is all you need.


Besides the wide array of exercises that calisthenics includes, street workout initiatives have developed many exercise variations that raise the bar for those looking for faster progression. There is a whole world of variety once you break the initial strength and flexibility barriers. (One arm pull-ups, anyone?)

Low Risk

Remember, you aren’t lifting heavy weights or using complex cable machines. Instead, the main piece of equipment to be used is your own body. That’s why the possibility of getting injured during workouts is so low. (Just make sure your form is awesome!)

Starting with Calisthenics

If you want to get fit and joining a gym isn’t really an option, you should consider calisthenics as a very serious alternative. To start working out this way may sound intimidating – or it may sound laughable if you’ve believed your whole life you have to have an elliptical and a dozen machines to have a great workout. Nonetheless, it offers a very beginner-friendly experience. Have you ever done 100 squats followed by 50 push-ups? It’s…ummm…sweat inducing.

The following are the main three exercise you should begin with:

  • Squats: Highly effective to train all the legs muscles, abs, and lower back. The way to do it is by placing feet shoulder-width, engaging the abs, and getting your upper body down to the floor by only flexing the knees.
  • Push-Ups: One of the army’s favorite exercise, the push-up works out the upper body with great effectiveness. Lay down on the floor by supporting yourself with the feet’s toes and hands’ palms. By exclusively flexing elbows, move your body up and down, loading the entire weight on the pectorals, triceps, shoulders, and upper back.
  • Planks: An outstanding exercise to develop the abdominal muscles, the only thing you need to do is getting a push-up-like position by using the forearms, instead of the hands. You must hold the position and transfer all effort to the abs.

What do you think? Try these three exercises in your living room right now and see if you feel it!


Author: Jen Adair

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