Who Are The Fit Mommas?

Meet the Fit Mommas!

Jen Adair

Jen is a homeschool mom to two kiddos and owns her own social media marketing and web design company. She has a degree in Fitness/Wellness Management and was a personal trainer for 12 years. The site started as a way for her to research affiliate marketing for a client. She figured she might as well promote the products she loved…and she LOVES anything to do with health, fitness, and nutrition. She is a Beachbody coach and loves to train with heavy weights.



Jennifer Ridge

Jennifer is a mom of three, one of which has special needs, and is motivated to workout for stress relief. Can any of you moms relate?! In 2014, she decided to get certified to teach group fitness classes (AFAA) and has her Jillian Michaels Bodyshred certification. HITT workouts are her fave and she loves IdealLean Protein Powder and essential oils.


Courtney Arrant – “I’ve been a fan of the fitness life since I was a teen and when my Comp 1 college professor told me I’d never make it as a writer or in the English/Lit world at all (can you believe she said that?) I decided to chase what I love which is fitness! I began teaching group exercise at the age of 18. I got my personal training certification at 20 and I’ve collected multiple certifications since then, worked in multiple gyms and training studios and received my B.S. in health and wellness management. I currently run small group and private training sessions out of my garage 5 days a week.” Courtney promotes Advocare.


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