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I’m super pumped that my friend, Jen, asked me hop over and discuss one of my fave topics which is supplements! Now, I’ve been a believer in supplements for many, many, many…many…many years, way before I sold them as a side business. {There are affiliate links in this article, so if you buy through them you help me make a few bucks!}

Let me give you a bit of my back story.


Meet Courtney

I’ve been a fan of the fitness life since I was a teen and when my Comp 1 college professor told me I’d never make it as a writer or in the English/Lit world at all (can you believe she said that?) I decided to chase what I love which is fitness! I began teaching group exercise at the age of 18. I got my personal training certification at 20 and I’ve collected multiple certifications since then, worked in multiple gyms and training studios and received my B.S. in health and wellness management. I currently run small group and private training sessions out of my garage 5 days a week.

I’ve been competing in fitness/figure competitions off and on for 15 years and when you compete, you HAVE to supplement your diet with pills and potions. For the first several competitions I did I didn’t care what I was putting in my body I just wanted to look good on stage. Fast forward several years and the competition bug hit me again, but this time it was different. This time, I was a momma to 3 kiddos and I needed to make sure they knew that I was getting healthy and strong not taking pills that made me shake and quiver, feel awful, but look GREAT on stage!



I found a company called Advocare and discovered why professional, college and Olympic athletes use it as well as doctors, nurses, businessmen, cyclers, runners and every day people whether they work out or not. Advocare has been around for over 20 years, the med/science board is made up of doctors with over 350 years of combined experience and our unpaid endorsers deserve an article of their own. These products work, but more importantly, they are SAFE! Advocare has a 3rd party company, Informed Choice, that tests Advocare for any banned substances or anything that may LOOK like a banned substance on a drug test. These products are safe for me and for my family and I have loved sharing them with my friends and family.

Now….why supplements?

I hear a lot of people, even some personal trainers, that say if you eat correctly then you don’t need supplements of any kind. Statistic after statistic show us that this is simply not true. Our soil is void of so many nutrients, our produce is picked pre-riped, sits on a truck, then sits on a shelf, then sits on our counter all the while losing nutrients. I recently watched a documentary that said one would have to eat 4 apples to get the same nutrients of 1 apple that was grown in the 1970s. We can try to eat a plant based diet, organic or include antibiotic free, growth hormone free animal protein or eat gluten free, dairy free etc and we will still have nutritional gaps. This is where a good quality supplement comes in. Once you have filled those nutritional gaps, your body can begin to work like the well oiled machine it was designed to be.



Advocare has a line with over 80 supplements. I’ve personally met and spoken to many of the doctors who have helped formulate our products. Whatever your health or fitness goal, Advocare has a solution for you! What else do you get with Advocare products? ME! A personal coach to help you along the way and make sure that feel incredible. Now, with so many options you may be wondering where to start! Well…..that all depends on your goals. We LOVE the 24 Day Challenge for most everyone to start on because it’s designed to get your body operating as it is supposed to, but if for some reason that doesn’t fit where you are right now I can help you find a solution.

What does the 24 Day Challenge include?

A gentle and uneventful herbal cleanse, the best Omegaplex on the market, the BEST probiotics on the market with 6 billion strands of freeze dried active live cultures, A fiber drink, herbal cleanse tablets to clean the “yuck” out of those intestines, SPARK (a mental focus drink that has replaced my coffee and diet coke habits), meal replacement shakes (designed by Dr. Stanley Dudrick, look him up! He designed TPN and has been credited with saving over 10 million NICU babies since the TPN design! INCREDIBLE) and Metabolic Nutrition System which is designed to reset your metabolism, give you sustainable energy, get your cravings under control and fill those nutritional gaps.

Can you buy these products separately or do you have to buy the bundle?

You can absolutely pick and choose, but this system was designed by doctors to work as a SYSTEM so I encourage you to buy it that way if you are able!

If you have questions, please reach out to me via my website at www.drinksparkinstead.com or email me at courtneyarrant@yahoo.com


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Author: Jen Adair

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